Meet Christina Anderskov

Christina Anderskov joined Bestnet at the beginning of January 2012, in the position of Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. Anderskov joined Bestnet with a diverse background in CSR, business ethics and issues related to international relief and development. In the first few months of being a member of the Bestnet Family, she has added increased depth to Bestnet’s commitment to being a socially responsible company. She is busy developing tools, products and practices that offer our clients, partners and collaborators with CSR solutions that meet their unique needs.

Bestnet is dedicated to improving the lives of others, especially when it comes to the transmission of vector-borne diseases. Can you explain the personal reasons why you were so attracted to joining the Bestnet Family?
Unfortunately, I had a very personal and frightening experience seven years ago when I almost lost my fiancé to cerebral malaria. He had been volunteering as a finance officer in Northern Ghana for a Danish NGO. He had forgotten all about taking his malaria prophylaxis when he got back home. This was just three weeks before our wedding. Seeing my big, strong, healthy, future husband in a hospital bed burning up with fewer, and going in and out of a coma, was truly frightening. The doctors told us we were lucky we had acted so fast. A few more days without proper medical treatment and my husband would most likely have died. That life-changing experience was one of the primary reasons why I was so interested in joining the Bestnet Family. It has given me an opportunity to combine my education, my work experience and my personal life experiences into a satisfying position that allows me to help others avoid the devastating impact of malaria and other vector-borne diseases on families around the world.
What is your educational background?
I’m a social anthropologist with a research degree specialized in disasters, medical anthropology and international development. I am currently finalizing my Master’s degree in Responsible Management (CSR). Plus, I have diplomas in project management, logistics and supply chain management and I am a certified LEAN Manager.
Can you provide some information on your work history prior to joining Bestnet?
I have worked for and/or conducted research for organizations such as Deloitte, the World Wildlife Foundation International, the World Bank, Save the Children and the Danish Red Cross.  My career has allowed me to work in Mozambique, Central America, the Republic of Georgia, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand. My additional experience includes working as a coordinator and consultant for the Danish consulting company Euro Health Group specialized in providing health expertise to organizations such as the World Health Organization, Danida, the European Union and the World Bank. For two years, I also worked for the Municipality of Copenhagen project manager in relation to the UN climate conference COP15.
What was it about Bestnet´s CSR approach that interested you in joining the company?
How could I not be intrigued? Only the most visionary companies include CSR in the forefront of their core business strategy. And that is exactly what Bestnet has chosen to do. In most companies, CSR Managers are generally placed in the Human Resources department or within the Marketing and Communications departments.  As such, they are relatively remote from the company’s core business strategy. As an entrepreneurial organization with social sustainability as one of our corporate building blocks, Bestnet has chosen to place the new CSR function directly in the sales area, thereby joining our core business and CSR strategies and placing them at the top of our business priorities. That was proof for me that Bestnet is a truly innovative and visionary company with integrity in our CSR approach.
The CSR function has been placed within Bestnet’s sales department; will you be working with business development?
Yes. Bestnet is now focusing on business-driven CSR. Bestnet has already demonstrated its commitment to CSR in every area of our business operations, this move serves to further strengthen and define our corporate strategy.
Right now our global partners within the NGO, emergency relief and public health sector around the word are facing dramatic decreases in future funding for malaria prevention programs. These uncertainties related to funding are threatening to undermine the great achievements that have been made in malaria reduction, and raise many questions about sustaining those gains. As part of Bestnet’s CSR approach, we have responded promptly to that challenge. Our approach has been to develop a Netprotect® LLIN that can aid our partners in increasing user acceptability and user compliance. Netprotect® imprinted logo nets enable our partners to increase user rates and thereby total coverage, while also utilizing LLINs as effective communication tools on cross-cutting issues such as WASH, HIV/AIDS, Education, gender, etc. This makes it possible to optimize the effective use of funds that are available. That is business-driven CSR in its essence.
Will you be working with business development towards the private sector?
For several years Bestnet has primarily been working with partners in the NGO and emergency relief sector, but as part of our CSR strategy we want to go a step further to truly live up to our corporate responsibilities. Business-driven CSR means broadening the reach of our life-saving and life-improving products and offering our global knowledge and partnership. There is a growing demand in the private sector for tools/knowledge/partnerships to strengthen responsible supply chain practices for example through corporate malaria control programs that benefit both employees, local communities, local authorities and corporations alike. It is our responsibility to aid the private sector in their important efforts on combatting malaria amongst their workforce and local communities, and we have the global network to accomplish this.
What is next on the CSR front?
Bestnet is now an active and committed member of the UN Global Compact (GC). Right now, we are preparing for the implementation of the GC principles over the next year. That also means that we really need to get out there, connect to the grid, and talk to our global and local partners and stakeholders about our responsible supply chain management, our Code of Conduct, our strict anti-corruption approach, greening politics, last, but not least, our innovative life-saving and life-improving products and services.
We are also creating a transparent, dynamic, dialogue-based flow of information and knowledge about our business approach. From information about individual initiatives such as providing educational materials on malaria to children around the world, and all the way to the yearly UN Global Compact progress report. Social media is ideal for that, as it gives our stakeholders easy access to us and the other way round.
We are still developing our social media strategy but for now you anyone can link up to our blog, Twitter!/Bestnettweets or LinkedIn profile
Christina has a passion for our work and we are pleased to have her join the Bestnet family. We look forward to her expanding Bestnet’s existing CSR policies and to her providing our current and future clients in the public, private, and NGO market segments with unique solutions to boosting their own CSR programs” said Trine Angeline Sig, Bestnet Managing Director.

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